Manual Pull Station
(SIGA-270, SIGA-270P, SIGA-278)

The SIGA-270 and SIGA-278 series Manual Pull Stations are part of EST’s Signature Series system.

The SIGA-270 range feature our very familiar teardrop shape. With positive pull-lever operation, one pull on the station handle breaks the glass rod and turns in a positive alarm, ensuring protection plus fool-proof operation. The up-front highly visible glass rod discourages tampering, but is not required for proper operation.

EST’s double action single stage SIGA-278 station is a contemporary style manual station made from durable red colored lexan. To initiate an alarm, first lift the upper door marked “LIFT THEN PULL HANDLE”, then pull the alarm handle.

Field Configurable Horns and Strobes (Genesis Series)

The Genesis line of fire alarm and mass notification/emergency communications (MNEC) signals are among the smallest, most compact audible-visible life safety signaling devices in the world.

Genesis strobes are UL 1971-listed for use indoors as wall-mounted public-mode notification appliances for the hearing impaired.

Prevailing codes require strobes to be used where ambient noise conditions exceed 105 dBA (87dBA in Canada), where occupants use hearing protection, and in areas of public accommodation.

Field Configurable Celling Speaker (Genesis Series)

Genesis life safety and mass notification/emergency communications (MNEC) ceiling speakers are small, compact, and attractive audible emergency signaling devices.

Genesis ceiling speakers feature ¼ W to 2 W operation, which is selectable with a conveniently-located switch.

Control Relay Module

The Control Relay Module and the Polarity Reversal Relay Module are part of the Signature Series system. They are intelligent analog addressable devices available in either plug-in (UIO) versions, or standard 1-gang mount versions. The SIGA-CR/MCR Control Relay Module provides a Form “C” dry relay contact to control external appliances such as door closers, fans, dampers etc.

Isolator Module

The SIGA-IM Isolator Module is part of GE Security’s Signature Series system. This intelligent device enables part of the Signature data loop to continue operating should a short circuit occur.

The module can be wired into a Class A data loop at any point. If a fault occurs, the isolator cuts power to all devices beyond the isolator on the loop.

Input Module

The SIGA-CT1 Single Input Module and SIGA-CT2 Dual Input Modules are intelligent analog addressable devices used to connect one or two Class B normally-open Alarm, Supervisory, or Monitor type dry contact Initiating Device Circuits (IDC).

Multiple applications Including Alarm, Alarm with delayed latching (retard) for water-flow applications, Supervisory, and Monitor. The installer selects one of four “personality codes” to be downloaded to the module through the loop controller.

Signal Module

SIGA-CC1/MCC1 Single Input Signal Modules and SIGA-CC2/MCC2 Dual Input Signal Modules are part of EST's Signature Series system. They are intelligent analog addressable devices used for connecting, upon command from the loop controller, supervised Class B signal or telephone circuits to their respective power inputs.

Fire Alarm Telephones (Telephone Jack, Handset)
(6833-4, 6700-0061)

Edwards fire alarm telephones are rugged communications devices for emergency use. Enclosed keylocked telephone stations comprise three separately ordered components: the handset assembly, the frontplate, and the wall-box. Firefighters’ telephones are typically installed in corridors, lobbies, mechanical rooms, stairways, or other strategic locations.

When lifted from its cradle, or plugged into a suitable wall jack, the handset activates audible and visible signals at the control panel. There, the operator needs only to lift the handset off the cradle to respond to the current call.

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