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Electroquip is one of India’s leading integrated Security solutions providers including Fire alarm, Access Control, CCTV and Public Address systems. With a pan-India project presence, we are the Top distributors for United Technologies® and Bosch Security Systems®.

Electroquip are Class A CPWD Contractors with the Government of India for 3+ decades. We are the Trusted Government Partners in A1 High Security Sites. Our team offers solutions across areas such as Product distribution and Turnkey SITC (Supply | Install | Test | Commission) contracts.

Electroquip has 28 years of Leadership in market and over 280 successful installations in India.

Our Executive Team
Arun Gulati: Managing Partner

Arun Gulati is the Founder & Managing partner of Electroquip with 40+ years in the Electronics and Technology Industry. He has deep exposure to Fire Alarm, Security and Avionics businesses in India, having successfully founded and run these for the past 4 decades.
An Electronics Engineer from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and M.Tech USA, he brings a vast understanding of both, business technicals and financials to the Company.
Arun can be reached at

Diya Garg: Partner & Chief Operating Officer

Diya Garg has over 16 years of Global experience in blue-chip companies viz. Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Nokia and Levi Strauss. Her skill sets include Commercial Planning, Supply Chain & Strategy.
Diya holds a B.Sc Electronics degree from Delhi University and MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, specializing in Finance and Strategy. She is Green Belt (six sigma) certified.
Diya can be reached at

SK Sharma: General Manager

SK Sharma is an M.Com. with 25+ years’ experience in the Fire Alarm business. This includes 10 years in Accountancy & 15 years in Marketing. He is responsible for overall execution of the Company’s projects.
SK Sharma can be reached at
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